Artist Spotlight: Tina Bell

Tina Bell

Tina Bell was an American vocalist who played a pivotal role in the development of the Seattle grunge scene. As the frontwoman of the band Bam Bam, Bell is recognized as one of the first black women to lead a band in this predominantly white and male genre. Her contributions, however, often go unnoticed due to the lack of widespread commercial success and media coverage compared to other grunge acts like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Born in 1957, Bell’s passion for music was evident from an early age. As a youth growing up in Seattle, she was exposed to a diverse range of musical influences, from classic soul and R&B to punk and rock.

In 1983, Bell co-founded Bam Bam along with guitarist Tommy Martin. The band, named after a cartoon character, quickly became known in the local music scene for their unique fusion of punk energy, metal riffage, and the charismatic performances of Bell, who was often compared to vocal powerhouses like Tina Turner.

Bam Bam was active during the burgeoning grunge movement of the late 80s and early 90s. Although not achieving the same level of commercial success as some of their contemporaries, they played a crucial role in the development of the genre. They frequently shared the stage with future grunge luminaries like Soundgarden and Green River, even preceding these bands in recording at the now-legendary studio Reciprocal Recording, where many seminal grunge albums were produced.

Bam Bam released their first EP, “Villains (Also Wear White),” in 1984. The band’s sound was a unique blend of punk, metal, and rock, predating and influencing the signature grunge sound that would explode in popularity at the end of the decade. Bell’s dynamic, powerhouse vocals played a significant role in defining the band’s sound.

However, despite their talent and uniqueness, Bam Bam faced numerous obstacles. The lack of representation and systemic issues within the industry created challenges for Bell as a black woman leading a grunge band. In 1990, Bam Bam released their only full-length album, “Something To Scream About,” but disbanded shortly after due to various struggles.

After Bam Bam’s disbandment, Bell retreated from the public eye, moving to Nevada with her husband, Tommy Martin. She passed away in 2012, leaving behind a musical legacy that, although overlooked at the time, has since gained recognition.

Tina Bell’s impact on the grunge scene is a testament to her talent and tenacity. She navigated a space that often did not acknowledge her presence or contributions and managed to make a lasting impact. Her powerful vocals and commanding stage presence continue to inspire a new generation of artists. Bell’s story underscores the importance of recognizing and celebrating diverse voices within musical movements, reminding us that the history of grunge, like many music genres, is multifaceted and rich in its influences.


Tina Bell’s primary recorded output comes from her time as the lead vocalist for the band Bam Bam, a pioneering group in the Seattle grunge scene. Their unique blend of punk, metal, and rock was highly influential, even if they didn’t achieve the same commercial success as some of their contemporaries.

Here are the notable recordings featuring Tina Bell:

  1. “Villains (Also Wear White)” (1984): This is the debut EP from Bam Bam. The four tracks showcased the band’s unique sound and featured Bell’s powerful vocals front and center. Highlights include the title track and “Ground Zero,” both of which serve as strong examples of the band’s early sound.
  2. “Something To Scream About” (1990): This album was Bam Bam’s only full-length release. Although not widely known at the time, “Something To Scream About” is now recognized as a notable recording from the early Seattle grunge scene. Tracks like “Clay Devils” and “Trust In Rock” stand out with their potent mix of heavy riffs and Bell’s soulful vocal delivery.

Unfortunately, Bam Bam disbanded shortly after the release of “Something To Scream About,” and Tina Bell withdrew from the music scene, making these two releases the main documents of her vocal prowess and her band’s influential sound. Despite the small discography, the influence of Tina Bell and Bam Bam on the Seattle music scene and the grunge genre at large is undeniable. Her powerful voice and the band’s fusion of genres helped lay the groundwork for the music that would come to define the Pacific Northwest in the 1990s.

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