clamorseeking – enereph and Gianni Andreatta (2023)

Album: clamorseeking

Artist: enereph and Gianni Andreatta

Release Date: September 1, 2023


At Micro Genre Music, we have a huge problem with vernacular and language when it comes to artists. On the one hand, we recognize that a lot of the artists we feature on this website are not well known or obscure – but on the other hand, we have personal knowledge of these artists touching the hearts and minds of droves of people who may not be in your monkey sphere. We wonder how many hearts and minds do you have to touch to be deemed mainstream? The answer is: who fucking cares.

enereph and Gianni Andreatta have created something familiar and otherworldly; something that blends the known with the mystical, forging an album that resonates both with comforting familiarity and ethereal wonder. It begins with our favorite – a mix of sound collage and what you think is a synth that turns out to be an airplane flying overhead. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, enereph’s vocals envelope you and you’re in the album. From the “the path divides” to the ridiculously catchy “carry me upward,” you’re treated to the perfect mix of ethereal madness and real world sounds of another dimensions. The child talking and laughing on the left channel in “shell stocks” is particularly creepy and fun.

Soon after, Gianni Andreatta reminds us that we’re friends. snail friends 1 is a nice sigh of relief and sets the positive tone for the rest of the album. The standout Gianna track is undoubtedly “snail friends 3,” a tonal journey that serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty and joy that life can offer.

Apparently clamorseeking represents a seamless fusion of two distinct projects spanning over two years. Well, I look forward to the next two years. Can’t wait to step into the the clamorseeking world (or similar world) again soon.

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