Label Spotlight: Schematic

Schematic Music Company is a highly regarded electronic music label based in Miami, Florida. It was founded by Joshua Kay and Romulo Del Castillo, also known as the electronic music duo Phoenecia, in 1995.

Schematic is particularly notable for its dedication to releasing challenging, complex, and innovative electronic music. The label specializes in genres such as IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), glitch, ambient, and experimental electronic, and it has a reputation for discovering and promoting talented artists with unique approaches to sound.

Here are some of the label’s notable releases, artists, and albums:

  1. Phoenecia – Phoenecia, the founders’ duo, has released a number of influential albums on Schematic, including “Brownout” (2001), which is regarded as a classic in the IDM genre.
  2. Richard Devine – Richard Devine is a renowned electronic musician and sound designer who released “Lipswitch” (2000) and “Aleamapper” (2001) through Schematic. His work often blends complex rhythms with lush, textured synth work and field recordings.
  3. Otto Von Schirach – Otto Von Schirach, a Miami-based artist known for his unique blend of IDM, breakcore, and noise, released “8000 B.C.” (2001) and “Chopped Zombie Fungus” (2003) on Schematic.
  4. Dino Felipe – Known for his prolific output and wildly diverse range of styles, Dino Felipe released several albums on Schematic, including “Xanaconversex” (2001) and “I’m You” (2005).
  5. Autechre – Although not primarily associated with Schematic, the well-known IDM duo Autechre released a rare 12-inch single on the label, “JNSN CODE GL16 / spl47” (2017).
  6. Push Button Objects – An alias of Edgar Farinas, who’s associated with a style of music called “clicks & cuts” or “glitch,” released “A Day in a Life” (2003) and “Ghetto Blaster” (2000) on the label.

It’s worth noting that Schematic is also known for its distinctive artwork, often created by Designers Republic, which became closely associated with electronic music during the 1990s and 2000s through their work with Warp Records and other labels.

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