noyouyesme – noyouyesme (2008)

Album: noyouyesme

Artist:  noyouyesme

Release Date: August 21, 2008


August 21, 2008 – Obama was trouncing John McCain in the presidential polls, the economy was teetering on the edge of oblivion and all you were looking for was some good dark ambient music on torrent sites to fill the void. Well, it’s too bad you never found this gem.

noyouyesme has released a few albums lately that haven gotten some attention, but this first album shows the potential of a truly deranged sonic demon on the edge of his own oblivion. Sometimes dark electronic albums are random; you know what I mean? Vocal samples, sound collage, all this familiarity sounds good, but you can’t really connect it with the person making these sounds. Sometimes when you make music, you’re making it for someone else or you’re making it to reflect something happening in your world. This album feels way too personal for us to be hearing. noyouuesme is showing you their insides – it’s completely honest and almost off-putting until you realize you’re completely fucked up, too. You think you’re in for some intense sound collage, but then you get these well formulated and almost bubbly tracks that feel like fever dreams. Then it transitions into pure waspy sonic hell.

The use of samples here are less about throwing samples around and more like noyouyesme letting us know that someone has sewed their mouth shut and this album is the only way they can express themselves. Track 4 (butterFlies) and Track 5 (news) really blend the madness together perfectly. But then “Not Krazy?..” is kind of a joke within itself. We knew you were nuts way before this track, but here’s a track called “Krazy” just to make sure you get the god damn message.

Some music isn’t supposed to speak to you; some of it just needs to be fucking heard and once you go through this little personal journey you’ll see the brutal honesty front-and-center.

If you love dark shit, this is a can’t miss album.

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