Sibby Liv – Connection single review

Philadelphia’s Highest Basement Records kick off 2024 with a delicious disco/house/techno hybrid from DJ/Producer Sibby Liv!

It’s the little things that stand out with single releases, a particular beat or vocal that hits just right, some unique production, where or when it finds you, what makes it stand out from the sea of similar releases. Sometimes its all of these things. Sometimes its none at all. A single can hit like lightning, out of the blue, for reasons you yourself might not even realize. That’s one of the beautiful mysteries of music that gets us out of bed in the morning.

With that being said, there are countless good reasons to get into “Connection,” the newest single from DJ/Producer Sibby Liv, all squeezed in under 3 minutes. With a hooky, repetitive string loop, it starts out similarly to your standard house single. The obviousness stops there, though, as a steady, streamlined 4/4 kick pushes “Connection” into techno territory. Add in a stately cosmopolitan disco vocal hook, en français, and you’ve got yourself a chic, elegant modern disco/house anthem, worthy of Donna Summer or Chic.

Everything works on “Connection.” It’s not flashy, relying instead on meticulous production and arrangements, no doubt aided by Sibby Liv’s experience as a DJ. One to watch, for sure – Sibby Liv and Philadelphia’s Highest Basement Records.

“Connection” is out now on Highest Basement Records.

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