What is Dungeon Synth?

Dungeon Synth is an atmospheric and often dark subgenre of electronic music that emerged in the early 1990s, primarily as an offshoot of black metal, ambient, and neoclassical music. It is characterized by its lo-fi production aesthetic, minimalist approach, and strong emphasis on creating a fantasy-inspired, medieval atmosphere. The music often incorporates synthesized orchestral and choral elements, evoking a sense of ancient and mysterious landscapes, forgotten dungeons, and mythical creatures.

The origins of Dungeon Synth can be traced back to a number of black metal musicians who began experimenting with electronic music as a way to explore different musical landscapes and create atmospheric interludes for their albums. This shift towards a more atmospheric and darkly ambient sound was influenced by artists such as Burzum and Mortiis, who played pivotal roles in the early development of the genre.

One of the earliest and most influential Dungeon Synth artists is Mortiis, a Norwegian musician whose real name is Håvard Ellefsen. Initially a bass player for the black metal band Emperor, Ellefsen adopted the Mortiis moniker in 1992 and released a series of solo albums that explored dark, medieval-themed soundscapes. His early albums, such as “Født til å Herske” (1993) and “Ånden som Gjorde Opprør” (1994), helped define the aesthetics and sound of Dungeon Synth.

Another key figure in the development of Dungeon Synth is Varg Vikernes of the Norwegian black metal band Burzum. While primarily known for his work in black metal, Vikernes also experimented with dark ambient and electronic music under the Burzum name. His 1997 album “Dauði Baldrs” is often cited as a cornerstone of the Dungeon Synth genre, featuring a series of instrumental tracks composed on a synthesizer, with a focus on evoking a dark, mythological atmosphere.

As the genre continued to evolve, it attracted a diverse array of musicians who brought their own unique influences and styles to the Dungeon Synth sound. Some notable artists and albums within the genre include:

  1. Old Tower: A project by Dutch musician The Specter, Old Tower is known for its dark, brooding soundscapes that blend elements of Dungeon Synth, dark ambient, and minimalism. Key releases include “The Rise of the Specter” (2016) and “Stellary Wisdom” (2018).
  2. Fief: An American artist who combines the medieval atmosphere of Dungeon Synth with a more melodic and uplifting approach, Fief has gained popularity for its accessible and enchanting sound. Notable releases include “Fief I” (2016) and “Fief II” (2017).
  3. Erang: A French musician whose work is heavily inspired by the fantasy worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien and other authors, Erang’s music is characterized by its lush, otherworldly atmosphere and strong melodic sensibility. Key albums include “Within the Land of My Imagination I Am the Only God” (2012) and “Another World Another Time” (2018).

The Dungeon Synth genre has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, as a new generation of musicians have been drawn to its dark, immersive atmosphere and unique aesthetic. The genre has also found a dedicated following online, with various forums, blogs, and streaming platforms dedicated to sharing and discussing Dungeon Synth music. This renewed interest has led to a proliferation of new artists and a more diverse range of styles within the genre, ensuring its continued growth and evolution.

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