What is Glitch Hop?

Origins and Evolution:

The evolution of electronic music has always been tied to the technological advancements of its time. Glitch Hop is a testament to this relationship, emerging in the early 2000s as artists began to experiment with digital audio workstations and software, creating sounds that were irregular, unexpected, and previously unattainable. Stemming from “glitch” music, which emphasized the use of digital artifacts and errors, Glitch Hop took these principles and fused them with elements from hip-hop, resulting in a rhythmically rich, sonically complex subgenre of electronic music.


  • Broken Beats: Unlike traditional electronic dance music that relies on a steady 4/4 beat, Glitch Hop often features broken, staggered beats. These rhythms give the music a unique bounce and swagger, distinguishing it from other genres.
  • Digital Artifacts: True to its name, Glitch Hop incorporates sounds that may seem like errors or mistakes in other contexts – think clicks, pops, skips, and digital stutters. These “glitches” become an integral part of the melody or rhythm.
  • Synthesis and Sampling: Glitch Hop artists frequently use advanced synthesis techniques to craft their unique sounds. This, combined with extensive sampling of diverse sources, creates tracks that are rich in texture and depth.
  • Tempo: The genre typically oscillates around 80-115 BPM, but this can vary. This tempo provides a slower, groovier feel compared to other electronic genres.
  • Bass-Heavy: Given its hip-hop influences, Glitch Hop places a significant emphasis on bass, often utilizing heavy and distorted basslines to drive the track.

Notable Artists and Essential Albums:

  • edIT: As one of the members of The Glitch Mob, edIT’s solo work has been instrumental in shaping the Glitch Hop soundscape. His manipulation of digital sounds alongside emotive melodies makes his work stand out. Essential Album: “Crying Over Pros for No Reason.”
  • Tipper: Known for his sonic wizardry, Tipper’s tracks are a masterclass in sound design and rhythmic complexity. His ability to craft expansive sonic journeys while maintaining a danceable groove is unmatched. Essential Album: “Broken Soul Jamboree.”
  • Opiuo: Hailing from New Zealand, Opiuo brings a unique funk-infused flavor to Glitch Hop. His tracks are vibrant, colorful, and bursting with energy. Essential Album: “Meraki.”
  • KOAN Sound: This British duo has garnered attention for their meticulous production, creating tracks that are both intricate and hard-hitting. Their work often blurs the lines between Glitch Hop and other bass-heavy genres. Essential Album: “Funk Blaster EP.”
  • The Glitch Mob: Comprising edIT, Boreta, and Ooah, The Glitch Mob stands as one of the most influential acts in the Glitch Hop world. Their tracks are cinematic, powerful, and rich in both melody and rhythm. Essential Album: “Drink the Sea.”
  • Pretty Lights: While he spans several genres, Pretty Lights’ incorporation of glitch elements into his hip-hop infused tracks has made him a notable figure in the Glitch Hop community. Essential Album: “Taking Up Your Precious Time.”

Legacy and Impact:

In an era where digital music production became more accessible than ever, Glitch Hop emerged as a celebration of the digital medium’s possibilities. Rather than shying away from digital imperfections, Glitch Hop artists embraced and showcased them, turning potential limitations into creative strengths.

As technology continues to evolve, so does Glitch Hop, with artists constantly pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible within the genre. The subgenre’s influence can also be seen bleeding into mainstream music, with many popular tracks incorporating glitchy elements and broken beats.

Moreover, Glitch Hop has contributed significantly to the broader culture of electronic music festivals. Its groovy, mid-tempo pace makes it perfect for dancefloors, and its intricate sound design makes it a favorite for audiophiles seeking a deep listening experience.

In essence, Glitch Hop encapsulates the spirit of innovation and experimentalism. It’s a genre that showcases the beauty of imperfection, teaching us that sometimes, it’s the unexpected disruptions that lead to the most compelling rhythms.

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