What is Industrial Techno?

“Industrial Techno” is a subgenre of techno music that draws influences from the industrial music genre, characterized by its use of mechanical and metallic sounds, distorted vocals, and aggressive rhythms. Industrial techno is known for its abrasive, raw, and often experimental production style, and often incorporates elements of industrial music, such as heavy use of percussion, metallic sounds, and unconventional structures.

The genre is characterized by its use of pounding, repetitive beats, often layered with aggressive, abrasive synth sounds and manipulated samples. The vocals in industrial techno are often treated as an instrument, and are heavily processed, often being distorted or manipulated to create a raw, aggressive sound. The genre is often associated with the underground techno scenes in cities such as Berlin, London, and Detroit, and is often played in dark, underground clubs.

Overall, “Industrial Techno” is a genre that is characterized by its abrasive, raw, and experimental production style, and is known for its focus on mechanical and metallic sounds and aggressive rhythms. It is a genre that has had a lasting impact on the electronic music scene and continues to be an important subgenre of techno music.

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