Artist Spotlight: KMRU

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Joseph Kamaru, better known by his stage name KMRU, is an acclaimed sound artist and producer. His evocative soundscapes blend field recordings, electronic synthesis, and ambient aesthetics to create immersive, multi-layered pieces that are as introspective as they are innovative.

KMRU’s early years were characterized by a keen interest in music and technology, a combination that eventually led him to the world of sound art and electronic music production. He began creating his own compositions, using found sounds, digital synthesis, and a wide array of audio processing techniques to produce music that was both deeply personal and strikingly original.

Despite being self-taught, KMRU’s work soon attracted international attention, leading to opportunities to perform at prestigious events and venues around the world, such as the CTM Festival in Berlin and the Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda.

One of KMRU’s standout works is “Peel,” released in 2020. This album, which draws heavily on field recordings and atmospheric synthesis, is a reflective, meditative journey that invites the listener into a rich sonic landscape. The album’s tracks, with their subtle progressions and nuanced sound design, exemplify KMRU’s knack for crafting emotionally resonant soundscapes from abstract sonic materials.

Another notable album, “Jar,” is equally introspective, yet showcases a different facet of KMRU’s sound. Here, the music is denser, more layered, with a greater emphasis on electronic processing and experimentation. The resulting soundscapes are dark, textured, and profoundly moving.

KMRU’s influences range from the pioneering work of ambient artists such as Brian Eno and Tim Hecker, to the intricate sound designs of electronic artists like Alva Noto. However, he also draws inspiration from his home city of Nairobi, using field recordings to capture its sounds and rhythms.

In addition to his solo work, KMRU has also been involved in several collaborations. He is a member of the Nairobi-based musical collective “ADA,” and has worked with artists such as Aïsha Devi and Slikback, further expanding his sonic palette and creative vision.

Despite his young age, KMRU has already made a significant mark on the world of ambient and experimental music. His unique approach to sound design, his knack for capturing emotion through abstract sonic textures, and his commitment to exploring new sonic possibilities have established him as an exciting voice in the genre.

KMRU’s career is a testament to the power of creativity and the endless possibilities of sound. From his beginnings in Nairobi to his current status as an internationally recognized artist, KMRU continues to explore, innovate, and captivate with his music. With every new release, he invites listeners into a world of sound that is wholly his own, challenging conventions and offering new ways of listening and experiencing music. His journey underscores the transformative potential of music, and its capacity to connect, move, and inspire across borders and cultures.


  1. “Peel” (2020): This album was KMRU’s first international release and is a beautiful demonstration of his talent for building immersive soundscapes. “Peel” is known for its evocative and contemplative ambient soundscapes that blend field recordings and subtle electronic elements to create an engrossing listening experience.
  2. “Jar” (2020): This album demonstrates a different aspect of KMRU’s musical abilities. The music in “Jar” is denser, employing a wider range of electronic processing and experimental sounds. The result is a series of textured soundscapes that leave a profound impression.
  3. “Opaquer” (2020): In this album, KMRU presents an exploration of time and its effects on memory. “Opaquer” serves as a meditative journey, full of looping rhythms and gentle noise elements, which coalesce into a serene listening experience.
  4. “Saal” (2021): Released in 2021, “Saal” is another remarkable contribution to the realm of ambient music. It showcases KMRU’s ability to manipulate simple loops and layers, culminating in lush, captivating soundscapes. The subtlety and depth of “Saal” serve as a testament to KMRU’s matured artistry.
  5. “Logue” (2021): This album contains rich drone soundscapes, field recordings, and delicate electronic production. It showcases KMRU’s mastery over his craft and the diversity in his approach to music creation. “Logue” captures the natural ebb and flow of life, providing listeners with an immersive and introspective auditory journey.

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