Review – Music For Films III – Brian Eno & Various Artists

*This review is for the original CD release

Where to begin with this masterpiece? This compilation, a veritable of “who’s who” of music icons, starts with the track “Tension Block” which sounds like you’re dropped right in the middle of a hot pursuit of that you never want to end. This folds right into Michael Brook’s “Err” – a similar vibe but much more uplifting. But then the eerie trumpet call over a lost battlefield marks the true start of submersion – 4-Minute Warning marks the beginning of the end. And iff you thought you weren’t submerged within that evolution, “For Her Atoms” will remind you. Just when you think things can’t get anymore dark and drab, Harold Budd lifts you out of the muck with “Balthus Bemused by Color” – a beautiful short chorused and reverbed piano piece to help you reflect on everything you’ve been through. You’re then treated to five straight Brian Eno or Brian Eno collaborations ending with the haunting “Asian River.” But nothing can prepare you for the beauty of Laraaji’s vocalizations and kalimba. Between “Zaragoza” and “Kalimba,” this music will guarantee to stick with you and pop up at just the right time during late night contemplations.

One of the greatest experimental electronic albums ever made. If you haven’t listened to it, what are you waiting for?

  1. Daniel Lanois – “Tension Block” (3:09)
  2. Michael Brook – “Err” (4:02)
  3. John Paul Jones – “4-Minute Warning” (3:53)
  4. Lydia Theremin/Misha Malin – “For Her Atoms” (3:33)
  5. Harold Budd – “Balthus Bemused by Color” (5:17)
  6. Brian Eno – “Theme from ‘Creation'” (3:04)
  7. Brian Eno – “Saint Tom” (3:35)
  8. Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois – “White Mustang” (3:01)
  9. Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois – “Sirens” (3:06)
  10. Brian Eno – “Asian River” (4:20)
  11. Laraaji – “Zaragoza” (3:05)
  12. Roger Eno – “Quixote” (3:30)
  13. Roger Eno – “Fleeting Smile” (2:30)
  14. Brian Eno/Roger Eno – “Theme for ‘Opera'” (2:36)
  15. Laraaji – “Kalimba” (2:47)
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