Review – Rift – Cat Breath (Meagan Jane Marron)

If you asked Alexa to define a “breath of fresh air”, I’m pretty sure this album’s music would be Alexa’s response. It’s just fun. Rift features a diverse range of simple sounds and textures, while showcasing ethereal and dreamy vibes, at times giving into the abrasive and chaotic. It’s all fun and games until the stand-out track on this album rumbles through your headphones – Through the Rift is controlled chaos of a simpler time.

It feels conventional, but Rift is really just reminding you that sometimes you should shut up and let the music do your thinking for you. While some artists are obsessed with creating dense layers of sound, Cat Breath (Meagan Jane Marron) just lays it all out on the table, reminding you of the roots of your love of IDM. The great thing about being an artist who loves the genre, is that the album has something for everyone – whether Cat Breath did this purposely or subconsciously, the end result is still a fantastic.

Getting lost again never felt so fun.

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