Monthly Micro Genre Spotlight: October 2023

Let Down [HTX122] – Enzo Caselnova

“Let Down” brilliantly concludes a remarkable year for Portland’s Enzo Caselnova, marking the end of 2023 with an extraordinary collection of 10 acid techno tracks that reverberate with pulsating rhythms and quivering beats. Simplified yet intensified, “Let Down” epitomizes raw dancefloor energy, deviating from Caselnova’s usual lush intricacies to unleash a continuous onslaught of robust, metallic 4/4 kicks, paired with mind-penetrating acid arpeggios. Each track showcases Caselnova’s profound sound design, subtly intensified to create a deeply resonant auditory experience.


Switch 8 – RiDylan

Switch 8 by RiDylan revitalizes the essence of old-school rave through its captivating 5-track EP, saturated with breakbeats and a touch of acid. RiDylan exhibits mastery in intertwining classic rave resonances with intricate nuances of contemporary experimental electronic music. The EP is a relentless symphony of electro, jungle, braindance, and breakcore, harmoniously fused with atmospheric pads and poignant melodies. Each track is a magnetic force, engaging your senses, leaving you inspired and invigorated.


The musical theme of the evening was centered around a profound, darker core, creating an ambiance that resonated with intensity and depth. The night was characterized by the juxtaposition of robust, compelling beats, elegantly interwoven with the rich breaks and overtones typical of Intelligent Dance Music (IDM). The event commenced with a captivating live gear set performed by AU & TECHRE, an innovative collaborative project spearheaded by 99JAKES and LIL KEVO 303. The sets curated by BROKEN NOTE and SLTHR were rich with a plethora of unreleased tracks. We encourage everyone to stay attentive for upcoming releases.

Scylla [HTX123] 0 Meagan Jane Marron

Embarking on a transcendental journey with Scylla, one traverses beyond realms inhabited by the blinded cyclops, enchanting sirens, alluring sorceresses, and ravenous sea monsters. In her latest composition for Heterodox Records, Meagan Jane Marron intricately crafts an auditory odyssey that deftly navigates between realms of industrial beats and innovative sci-fi sound designs. She enriches this soundscape by infusing it with the lush, romantic tonalities of MIDI trumpets and the evocative, undulating rhythms of mellotrons, enveloping listeners in the mystical allure and fervent desires of the twelve-headed hydra.

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