Amnesia Scanner – “Another Life” (2018) – Review

“Another Life,” released in 2018 by the Finnish experimental duo Amnesia Scanner, is a sonic journey that’s anything but ordinary. It dives headfirst into the deconstructed club genre, taking the listener on a wild ride through a dystopian soundscape that’s as bewildering as it is mesmerizing.

Right from the first track, “AS Symmetribal,” you’re hit with a barrage of unconventional sounds and textures. It’s like stepping into a future world where the rules of music as we know them have been rewritten. Distorted beats and electronic bleeps merge with human voices that have been twisted and warped beyond recognition. It’s disorienting but also intriguing, compelling you to listen further.

In tracks like “AS A.W.O.L” and “AS Too Wrong,” you’ll find a chaotic mix of sounds and tempos that defy expectations. The beats are unpredictable, the rhythm patterns are disjointed, and there’s a constant feeling of being on the edge, unsure of what’s coming next. It can be intense, even unsettling at times, but there’s a certain thrill to it that keeps you hooked.

The album’s title track, “Another Life,” is a standout, showing off the duo’s knack for combining harsh, industrial sounds with softer, melodic elements. It’s a blend of the abrasive and the ethereal, the harsh and the beautiful. It’s a sonic contradiction that shouldn’t work, but it does – brilliantly so.

The duo’s use of a computer-generated vocalist, named Oracle, is another unique aspect of this album. Oracle’s voice can be heard throughout the album, often uttering cryptic phrases that add to the overall dystopian atmosphere. This use of synthetic vocals serves to blur the line between the human and the artificial, adding another layer of intrigue to the mix.

Overall, “Another Life” is not an album for the faint-hearted or those seeking easy-listening tunes. It’s a challenging and demanding listen that rewards patience and open-mindedness. It’s an album that tests the limits of what club music can be and pushes the boundaries of electronic music.

It’s a testament to Amnesia Scanner’s creativity and daring, a fascinating glimpse into the future of music. While it might not be for everyone, for those willing to embark on this sonic adventure, “Another Life” is a memorable experience that’s unlike anything else out there.

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