JIN 08 – Gonno (2023) – Album Review

Album: JIN 08

Artist: Gonno

Release Date: September 29, 2023

Bandcamp: Gonno

I happened across this vinyl of JIN 08 in the most normal way possible: a friend of mine took a trip to Thailand for a two week long Christmas jubilee and came back with a few House, Techno and Drum & Bass records. This is the one they told me to listen to – so I did. And it’s so cool.

Gonno‘s EP isn’t going to break down any walls or blow your mind, but if someone puts this record on for you while sitting in a dark room full of low-lit undulating colorful lights, you’ll be happy they did. It’s pure House bliss. Track 1 (Energy Flash (Original Mix) has a nice house hook and really puts you in the mood to groove. When you’ve got great ingredients, why go overboard? The second track, Energy Flash (Voiski Remix), lacks the gravitas of the original Energy Flash, but keeps you in the sweet spot. Track 3, Final Hate (Original Mix), seems a bit more dark and much more in the IDM realm, but it’s just as satisfying as Energy Flash. On top of that it’s an absolute banger. Then we dip the nose on this flight into Track 4, (Arabica (Original Mix), with a beautiful ambient track with fluffy strings to close things out. It’s with this track you realize Gonno knows exactly what they’re doing, and it changes the way I feel about the previous tracks. I love it when that happens and now I just want to listen to more.

What a sublime artist. Would definitely recommend.

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