O Solferino – Time & The Bell (2020) – Album Review

Album: O Solferino

Artist: Time & The Bell

Release Date: October 16, 2020

“I was at a label showcase, and the NADINE Records table was close to where I was sitting, so I moseyed on over to check out their releases. I bought this album because the cover looked right up my alley – and I was right.

Was I expecting to uncover a quasi-dream pop, indie rock experience in this? No. This music fits a lot of palates, but that’s just a byproduct of our culture and our need to feel warm and safe. This album isn’t good because it’s an indie dream pop album with beautiful harmonies; it’s good because it’s real. Someone poured their soul into this music, and it shows. It’s the epitome of not being overproduced. Mandy Morgan (vocalist and owner of NADINE Records) resonates with you and speaks directly to your emotional space, healing or affecting you in ways similar to how alcohol heals or harms, depending on your emotional state.

‘O Solferino’ is lush. I hear loss and love, but your mileage may vary. ‘Swan Song’ is a showcase of everything we love in things that depress us or make us feel something – honesty. Honesty reverberates throughout this album. The blend of piano, acoustic guitar, and string instruments really ties the whole album together because it feels like someone is going through exactly what you are – or at least they understand.

Do yourself a favor and add this album to your playlist as soon as possible. It’s a breath of fresh air that pushes you past the prosaic iterations of dream pop or folk rock into a beautiful place. Can’t wait to go to the next label showcase.

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