Ouroboros – Nes Croft (2022) – Album Review

Album: Ouroboros 

Artist: Nes Croft

Release Date: December 13, 2022

I was recommended this album a few weeks back and, honestly, when you see an album by “Nes Croft” you might be expecting chiptune or an album filled with PSGs. But instead what we get is a lush and well produced electronic pop album. It’s vocal heavy and filled with wonderfully familiar beats and breaks – it’s got a kind of alternative reality popstar vibe.

It doesn’t feel grounded, instead it kind of takes on you on a ride where you think you know what influenced each track, but then you realize the intent of the artist doesn’t conform to your whims. But you don’t realize this until you get to “Still Here” – a delightfully upbeat track. Although there definitely seems to be a narrative, Ouroboros is in your face and each track tells its own story. I can’t help but see some avant-pop in this collection. Standout tracks are “Kid in the Sky” and “Costa Rica.” The latter track is an absolute pleasure – well produced and absurdly catchy for a track that’s only two and half minutes long.

It’s an ambitious album that pulls no punches and bares itself for all to see. Nes Croft has crafted an album that seems conventional at first, but then morphs into a diverse array of soud, cohesive in its storytelling and emotional impact. Would recommend.

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