Review – Talanus 2: Zero Point Funk [HTX090]

This concept album is based on the far off planet “Talanus” – a byproduct of a home-brew Starfinder game created by Production Unit Xero. All five tracks are emotionally heavy and have a lived-in feel. There’s a sprawling story there. Doomsayer’s Void (Track 4) hits particularly hard with lots of controlled chaos and very slick production. All of these tracks feel like tasters and you are left wanting more, which is how I suspect the creator wanted it. Calmwalkers (Paradox Realms) (Track 5) is the perfect close to this album and feels like it’s opening up the jar of the next album in the series, Talanus 3: Legends of Yasuga.

This album is perfect for looping multiple listens. Each time you listen, you’ll have a new standout track.

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