Wigs – Cyclop Toad (2024) – Album Review

Album: Wigs

Artist: Cyclop Toad

Release Date: 1/12/24

What’s the definition of chaotic good? Look no further than Cyclop Toad. And before you ask, yes – it’s Cyclop Toad. Don’t try and get a handle on this album because it won’t do you any good. Wigs starts in a mellow frenzy; Mirror Cat begins like you’re in the middle of a conversation. The most important thing is to keep up with what’s going on.

I want to say this album is frenetic, but it’s not. It’s never that challenging, but it’s a something solid to ride on through your sonic journey. This album is a sturdy boat of harmonies and deep cutting melodic synergy. When you get to Pickle Daddy you’ll know that this boat is equipped to handle anything. The vocals bogged down in a satisfying vocoder really pisses me off, because it’s so damn catchy and I just want to know what this voice is saying to me. I feel like it’s important information I’m missing out on. The mastering and production are absolutely on point.

What I love about this album is it’s longer than an EP, but shorter than the average LP, which just leaves you begging for more. There’s a vulnerability here, too. That’s what makes it chaotic good – the hope and the yearning in this music. It’s a lot deeper than the chirpy and happy melodies; Cyclop Toad is really speaking to some entity here, I’m just not sure what that entity is.

This is definitely worth a listen and absolutely requires multiple playthroughs. When something is this wholesome, you can’t help but be excited for more. We look forward to lots of Cyclop Toad music moving forward. Would absolutely recommend.

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