An Elegant, Disinterested Trance: Field, Fragments, Sketches –  Tangent Universes (2022)

Album: An Elegant, Disinterested Trance: Field, Fragments, Sketches

Artist:  Tangent Universes

Release Date:  October 7, 2022


The great thing about field recordings is that it gives you the opportunity to act as a voice for the world at large and challenge the conventional definition of what music actually means. It’s all music.

An Elegant, Disinterested Trance: Field, Fragments, Sketches is a perfect example of the best of both (or all) worlds. Combining elements of drones, modular fragments and a real world recording of children playing the violin, Tangent Universes proves that just when you think you’ve found the answer, the world you’re in now changes the question.

The album is a quick listen and it jets you off your feet before you know you’re gone. In a wormhole to another reality that feels all too familiar – a reality you’re afraid to face in your dreams. It combines memories from your future and nurtures you every step of the way. Ambient albums are accessible to just about everyone to help open your mind, your body and your soul to something you need to find in yourself. This album has everything you need to discover what you’re looking for today. You have no excuses to delve deep within yourself. Once you get to October Drone: Inner Demon Exorcism (Modular Fragment), if you haven’t connected with something deep within yourself, it’s all on you. If you get lost just remember, “You’re making sense to me.”

A beautiful album.

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