This Could Be Us – Enzo Caselnova (2023)

Album: This Could Be Us

Artist:  Enzo Caselnova

Release Date: August 31, 2023


“This Could Be Us” starts with what sounds like the Spacing Guild from Dune telling us to kill Paul. But then it mutates into something more real, something more relatable. It’s when you forget how satisfying those 2006 electronic music albums were that you realize, wait, this is awesome. Enzo Caselnova isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel – Enzo is just reminding you why the fucking wheel is turning.

“June Is Over” is almost obnoxious because it’s so familiar. It’s the happy zone – a place where the melody stays where it needs to and the drums evolve into something It’s comforting. This isn’t just a digital realm; there’s a heartbeat here, a pulsing life that threads throughout. And then “No Sign of Life” reminds you that you’re just a passenger on this ride. It’s fresh but familiar – like a warm meal on an October evening.

This album is a quick listen but it’s absolutely what you need right now. Best if listened to back-to-back while realizing the full narrative being given to you – music is still fun.

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