What is Liquid Funk?

Origins and Evolution:

Liquid Funk is often used interchangeably with Liquid Drum & Bass, but to be precise, Liquid Funk is a sub-genre that emphasizes the funk and soul elements within the broader Liquid DnB category. Emerging in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Liquid Funk was a response to the heavier, more aggressive styles of drum & bass, channeling the softer, soulful, and jazz-infused elements of older funk and soul records.


  • Melody and Harmony: Liquid Funk stands out for its intricate melodies and harmonies. The genre is rich in musical depth, borrowing chords and structures commonly found in jazz, funk, and soul.
  • Vocals: One of the defining traits of Liquid Funk is its use of soulful, emotive vocals. This can range from full lyrical vocal tracks to sampled and looped phrases. The vocals are often reminiscent of classic R&B or soul tunes.
  • Rhythms: Liquid Funk maintains the rapid breakbeats typical of drum & bass but does so in a way that’s smoother and more in tune with the track’s melodic and harmonic elements.
  • Basslines: The basslines in Liquid Funk are groovy and soulful. Rather than overpowering the track, they complement the melodies and vocals, adding a rhythmic pulse that ties the composition together.
  • Sampling: Many Liquid Funk tracks use samples from old funk, soul, and jazz records, which adds a nostalgic touch and grounds the music in its historical roots.

Notable Artists and Essential Albums:

  • High Contrast: A leading figure in the Liquid Funk scene, his style is known for blending contemporary production with samples from soul and funk classics. Essential Album: “True Colours.”
  • London Elektricity: This act has consistently showcased a deep appreciation for funk and soul, making it a standard-bearer for the Liquid Funk sound. Essential Album: “Power Ballads.”
  • Marky & XRS: Hailing from Brazil, their tracks often exude a sun-soaked, samba-inflected flavor of Liquid Funk. Essential Album: “In Rotation.”
  • Nu:Tone: With a nuanced approach to production, Nu:Tone’s tracks resonate with crisp beats and soulful melodies. Essential Album: “Back of Beyond.”
  • Brookes Brothers: This duo has delivered numerous tracks that epitomize the upbeat, feel-good nature of Liquid Funk. Essential Album: “Brookes Brothers.”
  • Bachelors of Science: Bringing forward a blend of soul, jazz, and funk within the Liquid DnB sphere, their tracks are a testament to the genre’s versatility. Essential Album: “Science Fiction.”

Significance and Contemporary Relevance:

Liquid Funk, with its roots deeply embedded in the traditions of funk, soul, and jazz, represents a fusion of the past and present. The subgenre continues to be a beacon for listeners seeking the rhythmic intensity of drum & bass combined with the melodic depth and warmth of more traditional musical forms. Clubs, radio shows, and festivals worldwide continuously celebrate Liquid Funk, a testament to its enduring appeal and its unique position within the electronic music landscape. The subgenre underscores the idea that dance music can be both rhythmically compelling and emotionally resonant, catering to both the feet and the heart.

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