Part Of Me Wishes You Weren’t Here –  Breakcore Girl (2023)

Album: Part Of Me Wishes You Weren’t Here

Artist:  Breakcore Girl

Release Date:  June 21, 2023


What is Breakcore?” is an article on our website that’s getting a lot of traction thanks to our overlords at Google. But the answer that question isn’t philosophical or technical; the real answer is “Part Of Me Wishes You Weren’t Here.” Everyone always wonders where the fresh beats are or where all the new breakcore is hidden; well, we’re here to say, try looking into that place where you dare not look. You’ll find Breakcore Girl, staring out at you.

Part Of Me Wishes You Weren’t Here, just released this week, is an absolute powerhouse of an album. It balances everything with precision and there’s absolutely no wasted motion. Everything is intentional. Breakcore Girl embraces the dark haunting harmonies that contrast perfectly with her tight drum and bass. Just about every track is a stand out track – especially It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before We Lose Everything, which kind of challenges to see the hand off between tight drums and that deep bass line that resonates when it needs to and stands back when it has to.

The album is also pretty playful. Part Of Me Wishes You Weren’t Here has a great Cheetahman/It Takes Two sample that somehow works within the composition. After that, Breakcore Girl just fucks your shit up. June Stole My Lunch Money is just everything you need out of a breakcore track.

This entire album could be interpreted as a love letter to breakcore fans, but honestly I just think this album is really fucking good. Don’t miss it – highly recommend.

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