“playground 1” by Greystar (2023) – Review

Release Date: 2023

Label: X4 Records

There is a unique kind of energy that emerges when you press play on “playground 1,” the latest album by Greystar. From the first beats to the final echoes, you find yourself wrapped up in a sonic journey that explores the distant electronic solar system.

Starting the journey is “Distraction,” an audacious opener that showcases deep, pulsating rhythms and sweeping melodies. I like the sensation of losing myself in the music and this one does so perfectly; setting the stage for the explorations to come.

“Diality,” at first comes across as that second track you don’t know where to put, but then you realize it’s a compelling wave of sound that perfectly balances its contrasting elements. There’s a constant push and pull between the simplicity and complexity of the beats and synths, a representation of the harmony that can be found within chaos.

And then, there’s the dynamic duo: “Linker” and “Linker 2.” These tracks feel like siblings, connected yet distinct. “Linker” teases you with lush bass hits that shimmer over a lake of frenetic energy – it leaves a promise of more in its wake. Its sequel, “Linker 2,” builds on this promise, delivering an impressive blend of motifs that spiral and twirl in an unexpected, and understated, flurry of breakbeats.

“Think Happy” stands as a testament to Greystar’s ability to craft sonic joy. You know that sample, I know that sample, we all know that sample – but it’s just so damn catchy. It’s a track that brims with infectious positivity, its vibrant rhythms and sounds serve as a musical manifestation of happiness. This track frolics..

Sadly, the album ends with “Wormhole,” a lovely journey through afterschool special themes mixed with a satisfying shift of drums. Its waspy textures and beats feel like a journey through time and space, a fitting climax to the album that showcases Greystar’s prowess in storytelling through music.

“playground 1” by Greystar is far more than just a collection of tracks. It’s an invitation to wander, to explore, and to lose yourself in a playground where the lines between imagination and reality blur, leaving you in a state of childlike wonder

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