“Psykor” by AVOLA (2023) – Review

Release Date: 2023

Label: SIGE Records

Psykor” by AVOLA is one of the moodiest releases of 2023. I’m going to be honest, it was a tough listen. Listening to this record felt like I was being reprimanded by a sonic wave overlord. I’m definitely impressed with it’s power but it’s like, “Come on. This is intense – let me breathe for a second.” Or maybe this says more about me than it does about “Psykor.”

It starts with “Beast Belly.” A very contemplative and intense drone track that puts you in the worst possible mood – one where you start to think about all the shit you don’t want to think about. It’s haunting, it’s beautiful, but above all else, it feels personal.

We switch to “Cave Rave” which feels different but really it’s not. It’s just this intense droning drum beat that hits harder when you realize that it’s pretty much just repeating the same information over and over again. Sometimes repetition is key – especially when it comes to incantations. Stand out track.

Daddy Loves E.T.” is when shit gets real. All that stuff you heard earlier was soften and censored, but this is just straight sound thrash. Whoever mastered this either knew what they were doing or had no idea what they were doing, either way it turned out amazing. Controlled chaos of bass and thrash for over four minutes.

“Entry Level Bog (Saikor Remix)” is a nice change of pace – at least at first. It starts out like a loading screen until it lulls you back into the thrash. Absolutely intense – the chirping, yet somehow full melodies are really fulfilling. That’s the one thing about all these track, it’s all meat. No waste.

R.I.P. BOAR (I Hit With My Ford Fiesta)” has a weird track name so I guess it’s about to fuck my shit up. This one has a lot of layers but they somehow all work. There’s a crunchy melody laid out with an intense drum beat that sounds like a robotic poem showcased right over top of it.

Psycho Dream” seems to try to lull you again, but your defense is up. It starts with a little arp melody but, of course, as time presses on the intensity creates that ball in your stomach. It’s what I imagine a laser might sound like if it were put through a vocoder. Sounds amazing.

Brain Worm” sounds like something Count Dracula would play in 2053 at his house party. He’s been alive for 800 years and he’s going to let you know with this track.

Aural Spackling Compound” is the one weakness on this album in the sense where it’s the only track where I don’t feel like I’m being attacked. It infuses elements of other tracks on this album: crunchy beats, arpeggiated melodies and, of course, ominous tones.

The psychology probing mercifully comes to and end with “In The Mourning.” This one is a love letter to all those lovers of electronic birds. The ominous tone is there but it highlights a very pleasing avian-like undulation that sounds just about how it should.

The one thing about this album is that it doesn’t seem to have a beginning or conclusion. We’re all just getting a sample of what AVOLA is processing. That’s how some artists are – they aren’t telling a story, they’re just showing you their frequency. I look forward to the next release.

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