Review – inurmaul – Cuadroped

released September 2, 2022

Sometimes the music just speaks to you. In the case of inurmaul by Cuadroped, the music is a mantra of groove. “youligy” is fresh yet somehow familiar, followed by “calygdal” – that song you heard in 2007 in a club but could never identify. Someone else’s nostalgia never felt so good. The album’s high point is the ludicrously catchy “kitkatatonik” with the only criticism being is that the song ends too soon. You’re going to need two or three listens to fully absorb this album, but it doesn’t disappoint.

Track listing

  1. youligy – 1:05
  2. calygdala – 2:30
  3. 100 spokes – 2:28
  4. kitkatatonik – 1:54
  5. conejito/cohete – 2:32
  6. ferahl – 2:16
  7. ag101 – 2:05
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