What is Liquid Drum & Bass (Liquid DnB)?

Origins and Evolution:

Emerging in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Liquid Drum & Bass, often abbreviated as Liquid DnB, represents a more melodic, emotive, and atmospheric subgenre of drum & bass. It was developed as an antidote to some of the harder, more aggressive forms of DnB, bringing a fresh, soulful, and often jazzy flavor to the scene.


  • Melody and Atmosphere: Liquid DnB is distinguished by its strong emphasis on melody, harmony, and atmospheric soundscapes. The genre often incorporates lush pad sounds, pianos, guitars, and other melodic instruments, delivering a rich sonic tapestry.
  • Vocals: This subgenre frequently makes use of vocals, ranging from full lyrical content to chopped-up, manipulated vocal samples. The vocal lines usually have a soulful, emotive quality, enhancing the overall mood of the track.
  • Rhythms: While Liquid DnB maintains the characteristic fast-paced breakbeats of drum & bass (typically between 160 to 180 BPM), the beats tend to be smoother and less aggressive. The drum patterns, though complex, are often more subdued and blend seamlessly with the other musical elements.
  • Basslines: The basslines in Liquid DnB are typically deep and rolling, providing warmth and depth without being overpowering. They are intricately crafted to complement the melodic content.

Notable Artists and Essential Albums:

  • High Contrast: One of the most prominent names in the Liquid DnB scene, High Contrast has been known for his unique blend of old school samples and contemporary sounds. Essential Album: “Tough Guys Don’t Dance.”
  • London Elektricity: As co-founder of the Hospital Records label, London Elektricity has been instrumental in shaping the Liquid DnB sound. Essential Album: “Syncopated City.”
  • Calibre: Renowned for his deep, soulful takes on drum & bass, Calibre’s productions have become synonymous with the Liquid DnB sound. Essential Album: “Second Sun.”
  • Netsky: Bringing a more modern touch to the genre, Netsky’s tracks are rich with melody and emotion. Essential Album: “Netsky.”
  • Etherwood: Known for his ethereal, atmospheric sounds, Etherwood blends ambient textures with drum & bass rhythms effortlessly. Essential Album: “Etherwood.”
  • LSB: His tracks often display a deep, rolling sound, filled with emotive melodies and vocals. Essential Album: “Content.”

Legacy and Current State:

Liquid Drum & Bass, from its inception, has always been about invoking emotion, and it’s this core principle that has allowed it to remain endearing to fans worldwide. The subgenre provides a tranquil yet invigorating alternative to some of the harder DnB styles. Over the years, it has matured, with artists exploring deeper, more ambient sounds, while others have injected elements from genres like house, trance, and dubstep, showcasing the subgenre’s versatility.

Today, Liquid DnB remains a vibrant part of the drum & bass ecosystem, with dedicated club nights, radio shows, and festivals celebrating its soulful essence. It serves as a testament to drum & bass’s breadth, demonstrating that even within a genre defined by its rhythm, there’s ample room for melody and emotion.

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