Review – Amber – Autechre 

Autechre fans will remember the first time they listened to “Amber.” The simplistic yet complex and intricate soundscapes are blended seamlessly within elements of ambient, IDM , and techno. It features abstract beats, glitchy textures, and atmospheric sound design, creating a unique and captivating listening experience. “Amber”, now considered a classic of multiple genres, and is the perfect representation of Autechre’s signature sound.

The tranquil atmosphere of this album invites peace and reflection. It’s like a beautiful sunset in a polluted world, and as the day comes to a close and the sky transforms into a canvas of colors, the sounds of textured beats are like a cool breeze blowing through the air that only adds to the beauty of the sunset. It’s a moment to cherish and remember, reminding us of the beauty and majesty of the moment, even in this polluted and sick world.

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